9 NBA Records That LeBron James Will Break This Season

LeBron James is about to begin his 16th season in the NBA where he’ll be aiming to win his fourth ever championship and first-ever one for the Los Angeles Lakers. The four-time MVP is arguably one of the greatest players in the history of the game and the future Hall of Famer has managed to break a ton of records.

The champion is now coming into the back end of his career but there are still many records that he may be able to break coming into the 2019-20 season. Here are a few things to be looking out for when watching LeBron play this season.

1. LeBron James is 4th all-time in points

At the moment, the Lakers star is fourth in all-time career points, LeBron James will need 1101 points to be able to pass Kobe Bryant who sits in third place. This should be an absolute certainty unless LeBron misses a lot of basketball through injury, an average of 13.5 points per game would be enough to pass Kobe or 16 points per game if he was to play just 70 regular-season games. If he can stay injury-free and achieve that this season, he can then start to work towards catching up to both Karl Malone and Lakers legend, Kareem.

2. LeBron James is 5th all-time in made field goals

LeBron James is also fifth in field goals made, with a strong season, ‘The King’ could move up to third on that list bypassing Michael Jordan who is 354 baskets ahead and Wilt Chamberlain who is 843 baskets in front.

3. LeBron James is 10th all-time in assists

We all know how strong the Lakers star is with his shooting but his passing abilities have always been a reason why LeBron James is so hard to place against. Coming into the next season, LeBron sits in tenth place in all-time assists. With an extra 304 assists, he’ll pass Gary Payton and 399 assists will move him to eight ahead of Isiah Thomas. Chris Paul is the next highest in seventh place but the new Oklahoma City guard should continue to move up the list as a current player which makes it very hard for James to pass.

4. LeBron James is 17th all-time in steals

LeBron James also sits 17th in all-time steals, we can expect him to at least move up to 16th place as he sits just 14 assists behind Kobe Bryant. The Lakers forward could move up to as high as 14th at the end of the season, it’s unlikely to see him ending up any higher than that.

5. LeBron James is 8th all-time in made free throws

As for Free Throws, just 21 more and he’ll pass Jerry West for seventh place in all-time Free Throws. If he could manage 101 more, he’ll pass Dirk Nowitzki, and then a further 93 more would have him equal with Michael Jordan. We can expect him to pass both West and Nowitzki in the first half of the regular season if he can stay fit.

6. LeBron James is 19th all-time in 3-pointers made

A hard one to predict is the all-time 3 pointers- list, LeBron James currently sits at 19th place and needs just 101 threes to pass Kobe Bryant and move into the Top 15.

With J.R Smith sitting in 13th place with 200 more threes makes it tough to see LeBron move any higher than that.

7. LeBron is 62nd all-time in total rebounds

LeBron has also a chance to move into the top 60 in the all-time rebounds. He currently sits at 62nd on the list, 94 rebounds this season which is expected, ‘The King’ will move into the top 60 and close in on Vlade Divac who’s 447 ahead at 55th in the rankings.

8. LeBron is 112th all-time in blocks

Everyone remembers the famous LeBron James chase-down blocks in the 2016 NBA Finals. LeBron currently sits at 112th in the all-time blocks list, he could soon find himself within the Top 100 with 70 blocks this season. This could go either way and is something to look out for.

9. LeBron James is 4th all-time in career turnovers

One last statistic that LeBron James won’t be too keen on achieving is turnovers, the four-time MVP sits fourth in all-time career turnovers, just 82 more and he’ll move into third place, replacing John Stockton. LeBron should be safe to avoid being on top of this list as he is still 362 away from passing Karl Malone, however, 102 season turnovers will see LeBron passing Moses Malone to put the legendary forward into second on the list.

The Lakers star won’t be too focused on any of these statistics, instead, LeBron James has his eyes on winning a championship with the franchise with a very different Lakers team.